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Dino-Mite BOGO Book Fair

May 8th - May 17th

All for Books Coin Challenge

Each class will get a bucket to collect change.

Teachers will buy items for their classroom with the change collected.

         The Scholastic Possible Fund matches every All for Books donation, up   to $1 million in books, distributing them to organizations, such as: Kids in Need Foundation, Reader  to Reader, Inc., and the National Center for Families Learning!

Mammoth MONDAY 4/29 : Bring in PENNIES!

Tricera-tops TUESDAY 4/30: Bring in NICKELS!

Whimsical WEDNESDAY 5/1: Bring in DIMES!

Dino Track THURSDAY 5/2: Bring in QUARTERS!
Fossil FRIDAY 5/3: Bring in ANY COIN OR BILL!

Our Book Fair Homepage



May 8-10      Student Preview     

May 13-17    Student Shopping        9am-12pm


May 9          Family Night                  4:30pm- 6pm

May 10        Early Shopping             7:30am- 8:15 am
(care will not be provided, school doors open at 8:20am)

May 16         Family Night                          5pm- 8pm

We need Volunteers to help with the book fair sign up below!

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